Another Great Year But Busy Times Ahead

I’ve had a great year so far and hope for more ahead. Work is still getting me down in terms of little time for anything else but I do my best to stay healthy and eat well. Which means great lunches most of the time. Lots of projects still to work on but as I’ve said before, it is much better than not having any to get busy on. It keeps the paychecks coming in and god knows everyone needs that regularly. My schedule is lightening up a little now in terms of having time after work to get some exercise in. Never mentioned this before but I have a mini home gym where a spare room is converted, with some dumbbells and workout bench. I love to exercise and need to do it too, because of my love for good food.

With the new year coming up, I don’t have any resolutions but just want to keep working hard and staying happy. And also be able to write more because I really enjoy doing this. It is like a form of healing for me I guess. Strangely enough there’s not much to complain about and things are going well in my life. Not much going at the moment except work but that’s better than what most might have to suffer through now. I’m lucky in that sense and have to be glad that things are going my way.

I have been reading a lot too recently as it’s the cheapest form of entertainment and I love to read anyway. Usually I do it on the way to work, back home and before tucking myself in. It’s good to keep my mind alert and fresh and learn something new at the same time. I read almost anything that catches my eye and have a good mix of both fiction and non fiction that I tear through from time to time. I feel that reading is a great way to keep yourself updated other than news or TV which can be a time suck and not teach you anything new while making you really lazy. Maybe you should read more too?

Back To Work

Well I’ve been back to work for some time now and I must say still trying to recover from a bout of holiday madness. Yes, I’m still thinking about the amusement park and fun I had catching up with family. Still, one has to make the dough to keep himself alive and that what I’ve had to do. Getting back to work after a long break also means more work to catch up on and less time for anything else and that partly explains my missing again. But I’ve been able to write a little bit more regularly than the past year and am still enjoying it. Hopefully I have more things to say but it was just quite regular day at work today and the past month or so. Before I knew it, a couple more projects were dumped on my portfolio but that’s not a bad thing either as it meant I would keep receiving my paychecks for a while which is highly important as we face uncertain times.

It’s strange but I still enjoy my work even though it’s really hectic and I’m not exactly passionate about it. Many people hate their jobs and can’t wait to find new ones but never do. I just try to do my best and then spend my leisure time enjoying what other activities I love, such as fixing up some food, playing the PS3, exercise and spending my money wisely. I’ve never felt the urge to seek out a higher calling because I am happy where I am. It might be contentment, but I just enjoy whatever I do at each point in time and never ask for much. Getting up each day is a joy for me and although I might not have much to look forward at times except work, being able to get back home each day and tucking myself in my nice warm bed is something positive at the end of the day.

What A Rotten Day

Time has flown by and things have been hectic at work which surprised me as I never expected more projects to be rolling in but they have. Not a bad thing considering I’ll still keep my job with the company doing well. But things were really rotten today as my day started well but ended in chaos and embarrassment. I’m not sure if I learned anything from it but I guess I should. Still, it was a horrible horrible day and I would not want to wish it upon anyone else so maybe some might be able to learn from my mistakes.

I think it must have started with my favorite time of the day – lunch. I thought I had a great lunch, it was nothing out of the ordinary and one of my favorite dishes – sashimi. I’m one of the rare few in my office who dares to eat raw food like the Japanese do and while my colleagues enjoyed their cooked noodles, I went for two platters of sashimi all by myself. I’ve heard stories that you should not consume too much at one time, due to the bacteria that might be in the food. But good food usually reduces the ability of rational thought, and that’s what happened here I guess. I finished all two platters by myself, as my lunch companions did not dare go near them.

When I got back to the office, the signs started appearing. My stomach started to rumble just like the good old wrestlers. I thought nothing of it as that normally happens after having raw food. So I went for some green tea which I packed in abundant supply in my office. It cleared some of that fishy taste in my mouth but did not seem to quell any of the unrest in my stomach. I could feel the gas building up and thought oh no here it goes again time to make a trip to the washroom. So I headed there and thought nothing of it. Clearing my bowels would definitely get rid of the problem.

Suffice to say, I ended up making the trip not once, not twice, not thrice, but a total of five times. At the end I was exhausted and ultimately drained, like most in my position would be. I had to make an early exit from the office, all the while wondering if I had stunk up the office washroom and carried it back to my room. Guess there are definitely times when you wished you carried a bottle of perfume or cologne with you whereever you go. Women are smart I tell ya.

What A Blast

It’s been sometime since I had my extended holiday and I must say it was a blast. Went to visit my family and brought my kid nephew to Disneyland. It was a really great time that we had and I must say we bonded well and look forward to spending more quality time with him and the rest of my family. I was surprised I found Disney to be such fun too, always felt they were for kids, and since I’d outgrown it, did not expect much. We would also previously spend more time in front of the TV to watch English Premiership live football since both of us enjoy what most Americans call soccer – we still have kickabouts sometimes in the nearby soccer fields that are typically used by the various school or organization teams. But Disney ended up being a real blast and we all enjoyed the rides, and I must say kids nowadays have so much gumption my kid nephew had absolutely no fear and was clamoring for all the crazy rides which I didn’t dare ride.

I haven’t had the time to get the photos ready and thought a video was the best way to show how cool the Disney rides were. I went to Youtube to look for a couple and this was friendly and great enough I think the guy even added a soundtrack to it how cool is that.

The rides differ from Disney location to location but generally all of them are great. I’ve heard of the Disneylands made for adults are much more fun with crazier rides but those will have to wait for me. It’s just been real fun with all the rides I’m now a re-converted fan of the parks and can’t wait for next year’s holiday break from work.

Finally Some Rest Again

Another early day back home for me but this time it wasn’t a bad case of the runs nor some rest given for a completed project. I’m heading for a good holiday and long rest and it’s that time of the year again. I haven’t thought of where to go to be honest but it doesn’t matter if I just spend my whole two weeks at home doing nothing. It might be the best time to catch up with some writing but it depends if I get over that lazy bone embedded deep in my body somewhere. Have been fighting to get it extracted but things just aren’t happening the way I want them to.

I’ve thought about going out of the country but think it’s wiser to spend it within. Trips will be getting expensive and I’d better save some cash at the moment. Things are still going well at work and I’ve not experienced much of that unrest that the news have been reporting. But I don’t go out much due to my workload so I might not have seen the worst yet. I’ll probably try to catch up on some of my favorite hobbies or sports and get some much needed mental rest. Don’t expect my office to call me either during this time but you never know when things have to get done, they’ll do anything to get them done.

I’ll also go check out some of the new restaurants in town. It has been some time and I’m surprised to see some new ones opening up especially when people have claimed it difficult to start a business. Food places might be the easiest though but hardest to keep them afloat I’d reckon. So better go find what’s good and have a good experience before they go under and nothing’s left. I must spend some time cooking up a storm at home too. Have missed doing a lot of that with little time after work. Been grabbing lots of take outs and that’s not healthy, is it? I must watch my waistline too that seems to be growing and getting into my pants hasn’t been too easy, unless one turns out to be female. Ha ha bad joke I know.

Great Lunch

As many of my readers *ahem* will now know, my favorite meal, and perhaps time, of the day is lunch. Well, today I had a really good one and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was one of those Asian cuisine that I love so much, but it was also one of the simplest dishes anyone could prepare and have. The chef who prepared it did a great job and I’m thinking of going back there again in the next week or so. Whenever I have a fine meal, my day is very much brightened up and energy levels increased. I can go about my work with much better concentration, strangely enough. Things just become so much better and smoother after my stomach gets treated to a fine gastronomical experience.

What I had was a simple dish of fried vegetables with chili, or small slices of chili padi as that’s what they are known. The vegetable used was kang kong, from what I was told. Anyway, basically there was nothing used except kang kong and chili, and the requisite cooking oil. There were some bits of garlic that I noticed, but not enough to draw out the breath mints later on in the office, especially since I had quite a number of team meetings as we were starting on yet another project. This dish plus rice had me filled up very nicely and pumped up for the rest of the day. I am not sure what exactly got me started, maybe the fiery chili bits, or the garlic that always freshens up your day.

After asking the chef what the ingredients were and how it was prepared, I am beginning to consider trying it out myself soon. Heck, it sounds simple enough to be prepared at home, whenever, whereever. I might have to make a trip to the Chinese supermarket for the vegetables though, as I am not sure of its English equivalent. The chef told me you can find it in abundant quantities in all Chinese supermarkets, as it was a staple dish for most of them. The chili should be easily sliced up and crushed if one prefers it that way. I didn’t find them too hot for my liking, but then again I do prefer chili for something of my roots.

Getting it done myself might save me a few dollars, since the economy is starting to look gloomy with recent news. I’m not living from hand to mouth, but better to have a decent amount of savings if the situation requires. I’d hate to have to visit the place just to have my fix of the dish so often, as it did not come cheap. Cost me almost $5 a pop which I guess could still be much cheaper than most other Asian restaurants. Furthermore the food’s great.

The Rain Pours Down Again

It has been another rainy day here in my neck of the woods. Ok, so it isn’t exactly woody here, nor any forests nearby. But the rain comes down relentlessly from morning till night at times. I love it regardless, since it makes the sky dark and gloomy, but my mood is always lifted despite the surroundings. Maybe I just like the darkness of it all, although I’ve never found goth to be part of my system. Just about the only thing that rain makes inconvenient is going from place to place in it. Gets your coat and shoes wet which is irritating when you reach your destination and have to pat it down. Umbrellas seldom help with the winds blowing the droplets of water into your face.

Some people also collect rain water in these areas. Not sure why but I guess it’s for the practical use of it. You can use them as car washing supplies but who really needs it with all that rain pelting down already. Some also use it for gardening down the plants but again, those poor plants are already drowning in rain. Maybe you can use them for dish washing but god I’m not sure how clean rain water is if you consider the amount of pollution in the air and how it all gets mixed with the water when it pours from the heavens.

Of course, most of our water supplies come from rain as well. But they treat it first before it reaches our taps and then we boil it further. Maybe I could collect some of that rain myself and then boil it enough such that pre treatment would not be necessary. Yeah, chlorine isn’t exactly the best substance to accumulate in our bodies either I guess, so maybe straight from the skies water would be the best for us. Still, there’s lot of dust and dirt in it and maybe I should consider getting a filter along with boiling it. Would make it much cleaner and healthier to drink and save me even more money down the road with all that grim news coming out on banks. I really hope my money’s still safe in them otherwise I would have to open one myself at home.

Trying To Get Some Sleep

It’s late and I can’t sleep. Have had some increased stress at work recently due to a project rollout. It also explains why I have not written for three months or more. I just have not had the time. But by a matter of coincidence, I am writing now to make use of the time that I cannot get to sleep with. Perhaps after catching up with myself, I might actually get bored with it and sleep takes over. But there have been times when I was younger and hammering away on the typewriter, by the time I got to bed the sun was peeping from the horizon.

The truth is though, I am off from work the next day. Funny how when I should be feeling the least stress, I can’t sleep. But it could perhaps be a calling for me to spend the time writing this instead. I enjoy doing this, and it could end up with me crawling into bed at 9 in the morning later, with the rain still pouring down, and not getting back up till lunch time. My favorite time of the day. But that is also how I intend to spend my time off work. The project has been a backbreaker and now that it’s over, I’m just waiting for the accolades to come pouring in from the client.

Hopefully there’s something to catch on TV late in the afternoon. Perhaps a sports program. It’s been a couple of weeks now since I got any exercise in. Not good for your health. Getting really lazy and time to bust out the chops again. I haven’t been lazy at work, but the moment the bell rings and I head home, nothing beats having a small dinner and getting some shut-eye. You just think that it is most important to get nourished and rested before the next big day in the office. There’s just so much to be done on every project that no matter how well managed they are, it is hard to prevent more stress from creeping up on you.

I might catch some movie on cable after this as I am still wide awake. Maybe a crappy old flick might do the trick as it pulls your mind in and makes you drowsy. Once your mind stops functioning logically and rationally, it tells you to shut all manner of reasonable thought and let mindlessness take over. And when that happens, your eyes start drooping, mouth gets dry, ears start ringing, and limbs start dropping. That is the sign that sleep is finally calling out for you, and your final destination is that soft head cushion and cotton comforter that will keep you warm as the cold winds from the rain blows mercilessly against your bedroom window.

Laziness Is Addictive

So, it took me almost two months before a new post. But I wonder how most keep up. It is incredibly difficult to do so, especially when you have to work and after you get back home, you just want to rest, watch some TV, prepare dinner, eat it, get some exercise in, have a nice warm shower and then snuggle up in bed with a book. But I guess the process can be a healing process for many, as I find it so myself, during times like this, when I actually feel like writing something up for my site. But I guess I should do something with it and I might actually have readers who enjoy what I wrote.

Laziness is addictive. Depending on what type. I find myself lazy to write, only because there’re things on my list that have priority. Such as preparing dinner. No dinner means no food, and while I do skip it at times, I can’t argue with my stomach that growls after a long day at work. Especially when it has been a stressful day. Not many realize that sitting at the desk and spending time in meetings debating whether what should be done, does actually spend energy and thus your body needs replenishing thereafter. And after work, that means either dinner or supper, the latter if you work that late.

So I guess that’s another form of laziness. Yes, I do like writing this, but it has to take a backseat when other priorities come into play. So it appears that my priorities have overwhelmed me for the past two months and finally they’re allowing me some time to indulge in my writing dreams. At least they have not killed my dreams completely. I have been able to take a breather the past week or so and have finally settled down to adding a new post here. And this topic is something that everyone experiences at some point during his or her life.

Hopefully, I do not make it a habit. It is hard to remove it from one’s life, but I believe that if it gets done, I can find more time to explore other interests in my life. It is about time in my life that I spend more time on hobbies instead of just work all day and all night. I guess it could be something simple and mundane or useless like playing the PS3 after work, but as long as it is something I enjoy doing, why not? So while laziness is an addiction, it is something that can be broken.